Nordsense Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answers you are looking for or would like more in depth info, please contact us at or write us a message here 

What type of container can the sensors be installed in?
Thanks to our choice of technology and small footprint, the sensor can be installed in any type of container regardless of their shape, size or content. For containers that have a open top (i.e. no lid), a custom mount will be required.

What type of waste can the sensor measure?
The sensors have no restriction regarding the type of waste they can measure.

My bins use a plastic bag to hold the waste, will the sensor work?
Yes. Nordsense is the first and only solution in the market that allows monitoring of waste level even when the bins use a plastic bag to hold the waste.

Do the sensor need to be connected to a power outlet?
No. There is no infrastructure changes required. The sensors are powered with high performance - military grade, lithium batteries.

How does the sensor sends data?
All sensors are equipped with a modem (2G/3G/4G) and leverage the existing cellular infrastructure to report data to Nordsense's servers. There is no need for customers to deploy any base stations.

Do I need to provide SIM Cards for the sensors to work?
No. Nordsense has worldwide cellular coverage provided by one of the largest Telecom Operator in the world and all cost of network traffic is borne by us.

If my container gets stolen, can I track its location?
Yes. Depending on container type, we offer a version that includes GPS to allow customers to track their containers and receive notifications if the containers leave a pre-defined geographical area.

Can I move the containers around?
Yes. Thanks to the GPS, the container position will be automatically updated by the sensor.

What else can the sensor measure?
Besides fill level, the sensors are equipped with a temperature sensor to promptly detect if a container is set on fire, thereby generating an alarm. Additionally the sensor can detect movement and can notify you if the lid of a bin is left open.

What distances can the sensor measure?
The sensors can read between 0cm - 500 cm. (0" - 196.85").

Does the sensor work in cold / hot climate?
Yes. The sensor operating range is between -40° to +85° (-40F to +185F).

How long does the sensor battery last?
Using the standard settings the sensor is shipped with, the battery lasts 10+ years. The battery life however is dependent on how frequently the sensor measures and how often it communicates with the network.

How do I know what battery life to expect in my specific scenario?
When you start with Nordsense Waste Management System, in the platform you have access to a tool where you can calculate the expected lifetime of the device, depending on your requirements.

What business model do you offer?
We deal with many different customer segments and as such we are flexible in offering the type of business model the customers favours. Primarily we offer the solution as a SaaS model (Sensor as a Service) where there is a fixed monthly subscription fee. You can alternatively buy the sensors as a one-off sale, and pay a much smaller monthly fee, or prepay the solution for a certain contract duration and no running cost. It is entirely up to you.

What is the contract length for the Sensor as a Service model?
The minimum binding period for using our solution is just 1 year with a flat subscription price. We strongly believe we provide the best solution at the most affordable price and we see no reason to make our customers feel trapped with life-long agreements. You are only as good as your last at bat.

Is the sensor waterproof?
Yes. Our sensors are IP-66 rated.

What benefits does your solution typically provide?
Our solution can reduce waste operations up to 50% when considering manpower, fuel, (less) vehicles & vehicles maintenance, etc. Although still in early stage for us to give a clear cut answer, with our initial commercial deployments we have even seen in excess of 90% reduction in daily collection within municipal waste operations. More intangible benefits include less pollution, less traffic congestion, cleaner cities and accountability of waste operations.

How do you install the sensor and is it easy to install?
Yes. The sensors have two holes on the sides that are used to mount the sensor on the top of the container. We provide a drilling template and then by either means of screws or rivets you secure the sensor to the container. It typically takes no more than 1 minute to install.

How can I contact Nordsense if I need any help?
If you are not yet a customer and need assistance in regards to the product, pricing or any additional information, you can contact us at or by filling out the contact form here . If you are an existing customer you can contact us directly via the platform help & support section.