Internet of Trash

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Reliable, Simple, Dynamic

Nordsense offers a simple and affordable solution that optimizes waste collection processes. Whether you represent a city, waste operator or organization that handles waste management, our system can drastically reduce your capital expenditure and carbon footprint, while improving workflows.

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Waste bins are equipped with a small sensor that measures the distance to the content as well as a variety of other data points. Thanks to its small footprint and technology, our sensor can be used in any type of container regardless of their shape, size or content. Thanks to proprietary technology we are the first company to be able to reliably measure fill level also in waste bin that use plastic bags.


With NordSense, you can simply equip your vehicles with any mobile internet device and upon login, the driver will receive their daily work schedule. Their route will include detailed navigation with turn by turn instructions and spoken direction, available in multiple languages. Additionally, each driver sees an overview of estimated shift length, how many waste bins need pickup and a picture of every bin that is to be emptied. If a route gets interrupted, any outstanding work can be assigned to another vehicle or to the next generated work schedule.


Login to our user-friendly platform from any internet connected device, and monitor in real time which waste bins need servicing. Here you can generate on-demand routes optimized only towards the containers that need to be emptied. Everything we do is dynamic and event driven, which means that even while trucks are en route, if a container suddenly becomes full, it can be added to the nearest vehicle as space allows. Additionally, you will receive important analytics such as trip duration and cost estimation.

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